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Brad Smith 8 months
Introduction to Customer Experience and the 6 Big Questions that You Need to Consider to Build a Successful, Resilient Brand My name is Brad Smith and I'm the founder of Vector Business Navigation.  We have been committed to mentoring inspired leaders to successfully navigate their Customer Experience (CX) ecosystems since 2015. I have had the privilege of leading organizations in their customer-centric transformation at Symantec, Yahoo! and Sage as their CCO/CMO, and helped over 32 clients around the world with similar transformations. When we think about customer experience my favorite quote from an early pioneer in this space, Dave Armano always jumps to mind: "We live in a world where the little things really do matter. Each encounter no matter how brief is a micro-interaction which makes a deposit or withdrawal from our rational and emotional subconscious.   The sum of these interactions and encounters adds up to how we feel about a particular product, brand or service. Little things. Feelings. They influence our everyday behaviors more than we realize." So if this is true, what are a couple of key considerations you should focus on to improve your company's customer experience?
  • 1) CX = VISCERAL: It is felt in or as if in the internal organs of the body, It is not intellectual: instinctive, and it deals with elemental emotions and it happens in the moment of "Interaction”, think of it as a Venn diagram where the customers intent is met by your brand promise
    • How well do you understand the interactions your customers have with you daily?
  • 2) The Formula for Success is as Simple as This: Great Customer Experience = Perception – (Expectation x Emotion) generates branded memory imprints in our rational and emotional subconscious.  The only things we can control are the expectations we set, and the emotion we generate as a customer does business with us.
    • Do you routinely listen to your customers to understand if you meeting their expectations, and generating positive emotions?
  • 3) What is Your Organization's Highest Customer-Centric Goal?: Here is a good one to shoot for - Maximize customer-realized value through the successful use of our products and services, avoiding "Value Erosion" while amplifying "Value Generation"
    • Do your employee & leadership reward and recognition systems centered on Business Success or Customer success?
  • 4) Your Company's Actions Betray Its Intentions - Your brand is a living business asset, brought to life across all touch-points which, if properly managed, creates identification, differentiation, and value.  This is just as true for your employees as it is for your customers.  You are setting branded memory impressions every day with your customers - is this by design or happenstance?
    • How are you thought of in the marketplace (Customers & Employees alike) and does it match your marketed brand? 
  • 5) Great CX Drives sustainable, resilient profitable growth: Organizations committed to delivering the "Brilliant Basics" of great CX typically drive Profit Improvement, Revenue Preservation, Revenue Acceleration, and drive Positive Brand Awareness in the marketplace
    • How much do you focus and spend on new customer acquisition vs. retaining and growing engagement with and learning from the customers you already have? 
  • 6) There Has Never Been a Customer Happier Than the Employee that Served Them - Outstanding CX is grounded in an equal to, or better Employee Experience (EX) facilitated through a shared mission, purpose, and universal awareness of customer success that creates an adaptive organization culture that is focused and empowered on customer success.
    • How well do you understand what it is like to serve as a 'successful' front line employee for a full 8 hr shift and how well they are equipped to keep your brand promises at every customer interaction?
If these CX Success Pillars interest you, I'd love to discuss your company or your clients' companies and see how we can improve their success.
  • The Vector Business Navigation Approach - Let's look at how well your business strategy (annual) and quarterly business tactics are delivering sustained predictable growth.
    • We start by looking at how well-aligned your strategy is to your Brand promises and Employee Culture norms. 
    • Through stakeholder interviews across the entire customer lifecycle, we look for where your organization has Opportunity leaks in the CX Eco-system? (look for the Big 4 CX ROI buckets)
    • Based upon these findings, we focus on the most popular, most important, and/or most painful customer journeys and map the customer (and employee) journeys we find where you have customer pain points (friction) that generate value leaks.
    • Stand up horizontal focused governance and feedback loops, for the leadership team to plot your course to long-term & resilient Customer-Centric success through short-term and long-term CX/EX improvements and quick fixes.
    • All of this is delivered through Mentor / Apprentice phased projects engagements that focus on skill development or staff augmentation over time.
Reach out anytime at or email me [email protected]