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Elevate Beyond Ground Floor Networking

Reach beyond referral-based networking to elevate your business and gain the benefits of relationship building in a mastermind setting. 

With Highrise, you can join a growing community of hand-selected, high-level professionals that are dedicated to helping each other succeed through traditional networking, in-depth conversations, and resource sharing. In addition to more than 100 Mastermind Groups across the nation, Highrise offers multiple avenues to network and engage with other Members.


Highrise fosters meaningful interactions that empower business leaders to expand their relationships, knowledge, and resources.


  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • One Expert Per Specialty
  • Senior Level Professionals Only
  • Intimate Groups of 20 Members
  • Conveniently Located Meetings


Our community of high-level professionals has been selected for their commitment to success through networking, collaboration, peer advisory, and shared support.


Building Relationships & Better Results

The ability to exchange resources and share knowledge to achieve better results in business begins with expanding your network and building relationships. We are committed to growing our community and providing a variety of opportunities for you to meet other seasoned professionals, gaining visibility not just in your local business community, but among Members across the nation as well.


Meaningful Discussions & Peer Advisory

Our groups are based on the premise of collaboration with specialty exclusivity. We invite seasoned experts from across disciplines and provide a rich environment for Members to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges together. While fostering meaningful relationships, Mastermind Groups allow you to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the Highrise community to work on issues that are relevant to your success.


Valuable Interactions & Resource Exchange

Recognizing how traditional networking falls short, Highrise set out to create more meaningful interactions. We use a structured Mastermind approach to build collaborative, goal-oriented environments that allow Members to learn and grow through collective idea sharing. It’s about utilizing the power of collaboration to achieve success, whether refining your business strategy or solving operational issues to reach the next level.


Topic-Specific Meetings

To further encourage collaboration among like-minded members across regional groups. Highrise offers a number of industry specialty groups (Verticals) for Members to participate in– Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Legal, Women, Employment, Technology, Entertainment, Management Consulting, Non-profit Management, and more! Vertical meetings are held quarterly and focus on industry-specific developments and opportunities. The collective experience and focused objectives create an environment for engaging discussion and notable results.


Make New Connections

We believe success is built on relationships. That is why we host multiple events throughout the year to bring Members together from across regional groups. Events include both virtual and in-person opportunities from community forums, group socials, and Member mixers, to special dinners, poker nights, and golf outings. Our events allow Members to connect in less formal, fun-filled atmospheres. Members also have the opportunity to host events and highlight their firm or focus on a particular theme for greater visibility. 


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"Highrise has enabled me to significantly expand my network. I appreciate the fact that my group consists of top-notch professionals without any overlap in specialties. I have referred several matters to fellow members of my group and I look forward to continuing to cultivate these relationships."
Marc A. Liverant
Partner Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP