management consulting Vertical

One of our most industry crossover verticals, the focus is on ideas and tools to grow your business from a solution-driven position. The vertical often attracts Highrise members who are consulting in various industries offering organizational change resources from data analytics to strategic planning, to business and executive coaching, to technology implementation and improvement, to space planning and other operational improvements.

Chair: Stephanie Kusibab

Vertical Topic: “The Future of Consulting”

Topic Description:

Technology advancements (including Generative AI), remote teams, increasing numbers of solopreneurs, and shifts in hiring trends all have the potential to shift consulting. From client interactions to topics of interest to business models, consulting could be at a crossroads. Join us to collectively explore how these trends may be impacting your organization and your work. Come prepared to share your experience, perspectives, and observations during this interactive discussion!

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Guest Moderator:
Steve Weston – Managing Partner, SKWeston & Company


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Monday, April 15, 2024
12:00 – 1:00 PM Pacific Time
Online Zoom


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