At Highrise Networks, we believe meeting new people is only the first step in reaching a higher level of success. Beyond networking, the greatest benefits are realized as a result of relationship building. We have curated more than 100 Mastermind Groups across the country and assign a member of the MSE team upon joining to help you leverage your the benefits of your membership. Find one with the closest proximity to your location today.

Our Mastermind Groups meet once a month for 90-minutes in a structured meeting format where you and the other senior-level professionals will be able to explore business ideas, discuss business strategies, brainstorm solutions to overcome obstacles, and share insights based on knowledge and experience.

In addition to your home Mastermind Group, your Membership also includes the ability to guest in other groups further expanding your network. Check out other groups in your area or national groups virtually. (Guesting is subject to approval as long as the specialty of the Member requesting to guest does not conflict with the specialties of core Members).


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