Answers to common questions

What is your selection criteria?

Members are selected based on their knowledge and experience in a particular area as well as their
potential contribution to the group. Our staff reviews bios and talks with each potential Member to
make sure that there’s a good fit. Once the interview process is completed, our membership
committee extends a formal invitation to those who qualify.


What happens in the meetings?

In the Group meetings, we follow a mastermind format and focus on three Members who present for
20 minutes each. Each mastermind session includes a Q&A segment followed by input from group
Members. The objective of each mastermind session is to allow the presenter to talk about issues
that are relevant to their success. Whether it’s landing new clients, solving business issues or finding
the right service provider, the group represents a tremendous resource for every member. Our goal
is to maximize that potential for the benefit of each Member.   

Can I guest at a meeting as a non-member?


How much does it cost?

Highrise provides different types of memberships. Please consult your membership services director
for more detailed information or email Member Services at [email protected]

How is this different than Provisors?

Our Groups are far more exclusive than Provisors. We only allow partners and upper management
to be considered for membership. Secondly, our groups are designed to help each member
succeed. By allowing only one Member per professional specialty, we create a collaborative
environment that sets the foundation for Member success (Provisors allows multiple people in a
given specialty). Lastly, we have a mastermind focus in our meetings that allows Members to make
real progress on matters that are important to them.   

Who are the current members?

We are completely transparent and list Members of each Group on our website. Simply click on the
Groups tab to view Members of each Group.

When did Highrise start?

January 2015

Who runs Highrise?

Forrest Blake is the CEO and Mark Scanlon is the COO.

Can I guest at other groups?

Membership provides unlimited guesting at other Groups provided that the visiting Member’s
specialty is not in conflict with any Member of the Group they are visiting.

How many Members are typically in a Group?

Our design philosophy of only allowing one Member per specialty limits the size of the Group.
Members benefit by being the subject matter expert in a diversified group of top-level professionals. 
Our typical Group is composed of 15 – 20 members. This structure allows each Member to generate
new opportunities and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

How do the verticals work?

Verticals are industry specialty groups that bring Members together in an industry-focused
environment to discuss trends, deals and opportunities. Our Verticals meet quarterly and include
M&A, Real Estate, Entertainment, Legal, and other topics. Members are welcome to attend all
Verticals as they are available nationally via Zoom.

What is the commitment to attend monthly meetings?

We suggest that Members attend 80% of the meetings but we understand how schedules can
conflict. Members are encouraged to elect a Delegate to fill-in in their absence. Our
Member/Delegate program allows the primary Member to elect a Delegate to attend meetings when
the Primary Member is unavailable. It also serves as a full separate membership. Members can elect
a Delegate upon joining or at any time during the year.

Are there leadership roles in each Group?

Yes. Each group typically has a Chair & Co-Chair. We’ve also recently created a Social Chair position.