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A Network of Mastermind Groups with National Exposure

Elevate Your Success Through Meaningful Interactions

In addition to traditional networking, Highrise Networks has cultivated more than 100 mastermind groups across the country, focused on building our Members’ success by creating channels to share their knowledge, expand their resources, and capitalize on business opportunities.

As a Member, you will participate in a local Mastermind group within a national community of all senior-level and upper management professionals. Each group is carefully curated with only one Member per specialty to create collaborative, non=competitive environments where you can explore ideas and brainstorm solutions to business challenges

group members in a meeting

Connect with Our Community

At the heart of our organization is an active community of top professionals focused on building relationships of trust, reliability, and peer-to-peer advisory. Membership includes various opportunities to exchange knowledge, resources, and high-quality referrals.

Effective Group Structure

Mastermind memberships include participation in curated groups that meet monthly in a structured setting. Each group is made up of top professionals from diverse industries to cultivate meaningful relationships that maximize productivity.

Exclusive Membership

Each Member is interviewed and vested before receiving an invitation to join Highrise. In the spirit of masterminds, our goal is to invite only qualified professionals that are driven to excel, share insights, and develop supportive relationships with other Members.

Request an Interview

To schedule your interview, please select your location from the dropdown where you will be directed to schedule a call with a Vice President of our Membership Committee. If you want to learn more about the Opportunities of Membership, click here.

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