Minutes Meeting Agenda


  • Opening Statement
  • Introduction to New Members & Guests

      Reminders: No Politics, No Religion


  • Chair confirms presenters for next two months & upcoming in-person meeting hosts
  • Highrise News & Announcements

Needs, Testimonials, and Shout-outs


Open Group Round Table

  • Member-Focused Topic*

Chair Choice #1

Mastermind Session

  • Featured Members*
  • Approved Speaker**
  • Alternative Mastermind Topic***
  • Breakout Rooms

Chair Choice #2

Mastermind Session

  • Featured Members*
  • Approved Speaker**
  • Alternative Mastermind Topic***
  • Breakout Rooms

Alternative Mastermind Topics***

  • Has your business been impacted by the “quiet quitting” trend?  If so, how are you addressing it?  If not, how are you preventing it from happening?
  • What is the biggest personal obstacle you need to overcome in order to achieve your business growth goals and what strategies are you considering to achieve this?
  • How do you identify the right business growth partners who can help you expedite filling your business pipeline with quality leads?
  • What is your top priority to accomplish this quarter?


Members are welcome to Guest at other Highrise groups in our community as long as there are no specialty conflicts.

or email requests to:
[email protected]

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This Week's Announcements

* Member-Focused Topics

Member-Focused Topics are an open discussion where all Members participate and could include any of the following:

  • Follow-ups from previous masterminds
  • What do you need help with now?
  • What hobbies or charity work are you most interested in outside of work?
  • What are you working on now?
  • Quarterly update.
  • Client success stories.
  • Who do you want to get to know?
  • Member introduction commitments?
  • Networking best practices.
  • Talk about a recent one-on-one with another member.
  • What is your commitment to one-on-one meetings, referrals to other members, and meeting participation?
  • Introduce the person to your right.
  • What are you excited about in your business right now?


Speakers must apply to be speakers and be approved by Highrise. Become a speaker here.

***Alternative Mastermind Topics

Alternative Mastermind Topics are curated by Highrise to create active discussion around relevant, current issues for Members. Everyone is asked to participate.

What is a Mastermind Question/Topic?

Featured Member Target – Challenge – Opportunity Worksheet

As a Featured Member, you have the unique opportunity to seek input from the group on what’s most important to you. There should be very little prep time required and nothing to fear. Most of your time is allocated to your fellow Members so they can offer advice, connections, and solutions.

The primary objective of your group is to provide the foundation for high-level collaboration.

This worksheet is to make it simple to decide if you are going to choose to discuss a Target, Challenge or Opportunity. The first 2 minutes tell us about your chosen TCO. The next 3 minutes is for clarification questions. The remaining 15 minutes will be Chair moderated input from your fellow group Members. You are asked to remain silent so you can find the key takeaways from listening to the group’s comments and suggestions.

This is a worksheet to be used for your personal guidance only.

There are no sales presentations, PowerPoints, political or religious topics. 


Get in touch and find out your options.