Highrise Networks is a business networking community with a mastermind focus. We are dedicated to fostering meaningful interactions among our Members where they can build relationships, share their knowledge, and exchange resources. This is what drives us as we continue to add tools and benefits of membership. Your Highrise Membership includes the following:


Networking and Event Participation

Community Forums, Social Events, and more

A key aspect of your membership is the ability to expand your network and meet other high-level professionals, both locally and at a national level. Every week we offer a virtual National Community Forum meet and greet event. Community Forums by Region are also held every month for West Coast, Central/Mountain, and East Coast. Additional in-person events are scheduled in various cities, including but not limited to in-person social events, special dinners, golf outings, the annual Highrise conference, etc. All Members are invited to participate.

  • Participation – As part of membership, all Members are invited to participate in Events.
  • Hosting – For greater visibility Members are also welcome to host events to highlight their firm or focus on a particular theme.


Mastermind Group Participation

More than 70 Groups Across the U.S.

Beyond meeting other professionals, Highrise is dedicated to providing Members with opportunities to build meaningful relationships and share valuable insights based on knowledge and experience.

We have curated more than 70 groups in major metropolitan areas across the nation as well as multiple virtual groups. Members meet once a month in 90-minute meetings combining in-depth idea exchange, peer-to-peer advisory, and business mentoring to help you overcome obstacles and catapult your business to the next level. Guest attendance in other Mastermind Groups is also available upon request and approval. Our curated groups offer:

  • Specialty Exclusivity – To help create a collaborative, non-competitive environment for mastermind discussions, we allow only one person per specialty in each group.
  • High-Level Subject Matter Experts – All Members are vetted by our research staff and interviewed to make sure they meet our high standards.
  • Close-Proximity – Each Member is selected for a Mastermind Group that is in close proximity to their workplace, helping to foster relationships between professionals in the same area.
  • Intimacy – To allow for deep discussions and the ability to highlight each Member effectively, groups are limited to only 20 Members.
  • Confidentiality – With sensitive information often being discussed in Mastermind meetings, all Members are expected to uphold a high level of confidentiality in meetings.


Industry Verticals

Mastermind Within Your Own Industry

Although our Mastermind Groups promote specialty exclusivity, there is also a benefit to engaging in conversations with other professionals in the same industry. Recognizing this value, Highrise also offers a number of Industry Vertical Groups that meet quarterly to facilitate in-depth discussions that are specific to an industry. These groups are open to all Members with quarterly meetings that utilize various formats from virtual group meetings to panel discussions.


SEO Optimized Directory Listing

Searchable Online Profiles

Upon joining Highrise Networks, our team creates an online profile for you in our Member Directory that is SEO optimized for searchability in online searches. You are given login credentials that include access to edit your profile as you choose and are able to add profile contact information, including your email, company website, and LinkedIn profile. Your contact information is protected and only visible to other logged-in Members. It also includes a Request Form for Members wanting to connect.


Information Sharing Channels

Exchange Information with National Exposure

Using various communication tools and channels, you will have the opportunity to access insights shared by other Highrise Community Members and to get national exposure for your own unique and promotional content. These tools include but are not limited to social media channels, article submissions for the website, the Highrise newsletter, and our online conversation platform, The Rooftop. In addition, we occasionally host panel discussions on specific topics that would allow you to participate in collective conversations and share your insights.


Exclusive Access to Resources

Member-Only Assets Available

The exchange of information does not just occur in group settings and in-depth conversations. Built on the mastermind concept, we continually look for ways to share valuable information with our Members and promote knowledge-sharing opportunities. Many of these resources are made exclusive to Members including but not limited to a Member newsletter, webinars, workshops, educational events, Member-to-Member offers, etc.



To schedule your interview, please select your location from the dropdown below where you will be directed to schedule a call with a Vice President of our Membership Committee. If you cannot find a time this month, please look at next month’s calendar. Your patience is appreciated and realize that our main focus is the quality of our Members as our process produces great results.

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