Thank you for your interest in Highrise Networks. 

In 2015, Highrise launched in Los Angeles, and we have grown to 50+ groups in major markets around the country. You are applying to become a member of this exclusive local and national community. Details of the benefits and costs of membership are available here.

It is important to fill our group seats with the highest quality professionals in each market. 

Once you have submitted the form, please allow up to one week for the membership committee and the leadership of your local group to review. It is possible that we may have multiple professionals interested in your specialty. If so, a subsequent call may be required with the group leadership. 

If at any point in time, you would like assistance with this form or to speak to one of our member services staff, please call (213) 712-9080 or email [email protected].

We limit membership to professionals who have 10+ years experience in their industry.
Within each group, we have a one-member per specialty policy that ensures there are no resource and referral conflicts.
Our focus is to provide a platform to learn, exchange ideas, and find quality new business.
Each member must select a home group of 15-20 professionals.
There are three main components of our meetings: roundtable discussions, a member mastermind, and a knowledge transfer business spotlight.
The format offers three breakout rooms of speed networking for 20 minutes each breakout.
These are topic-specific verticals that are offered to our entire membership and publicized on LinkedIn.