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Tom Karpowich



I am a seasoned management consultant with an exemplary record for delivering successful business results. Strategic experience in driving new technologies that deliver cost reduction and generate revenue. I deliver highly developed business processes and project management skills coupled with a tenacious drive to see clients succeed.

My company offers you Microsoft Dynamics 365, ERP and CRM experiences and business management that goes much deeper than just concept to deliver cost saving solutions.

♦︎ Designed and implemented worldwide electronic payments to vendors.
♦︎ Developed a CRM-based customer management and communications system fully integrated with collections software.
♦︎ Created a custom portal that controls 7 different HR systems into one for use by the HR management team.
♦︎ Automate warehouse operations by developing processes for increasing efficiencies and implementing ERP.
♦︎ Developed for a Fortune 100 Company their custom quoting system based on integration of their CRM and ERP systems.

"As of today, we still find that there was absolutely nothing that went wrong with the system that Tom put in. It's unheard of and shows the professionalism that surrounded the project."

-Sebastian Amstutz, VP of Breitling USA, Inc.

I have been implementing ERP systems for more than 30 years and have been deeply involved in 100's of Microsoft-centric business implementations.

My goal is to improve your business by understanding your processes and to help provide the best tools and techniques to be most effective in your company's business operations.

Our deep and tenured experience will Microsoft Dynamics applications allows us to quickly identify the gaps in your current processes and work with you to understand how to deliver the best system and to meet your ROI.

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