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Dallas II

Tim Rayburn

Vice President of Consulting Services


I am a leader within the Improving Enterprises organization, with considerable experience being on the front lines of customer engagement and project management. Focused on delivering successful projects, and leading successful and happy teams.

In addition I'm a speaker, leader and contributor to the developer community in Dallas/Fort Worth and the nation, speaking at conferences and user groups, authoring books and articles, and generally doing all I can to make all of my fellow software developers as successful as they can be.

20+ years of development experience
Over 5 years of software development management
Over 5 years of customer engagement management
Over 10 years of experience in development project leadership
Over 10 years of experience in .NET Framework
Over 5 years of Agile leadership
Specialist in HIPAA messaging and security guidelines

Specialties: C#, ASP.NET MVC, HIPAA, Process Modeling, Mentoring 

Highrise Networks, Inc.

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