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Shelle Vernon


La Shelle Vernon is a dynamic leader, visionary and success coach who helps people create strategies to maximize their greatest potential. Her unwavering passion for mankind is evident to all who cross her path and is the catalyst for her life’s mission of transforming the lives of others beyond limitations to thriving in their God-given purpose.

Whether developing the talents of senior leadership within Fortune 500 companies or laying the groundwork for individuals to achieve personal success, La Shelle’s expertise and background is a testament to her gift for helping others.

Throughout her expansive career as a leadership development coach, La Shelle has spearheaded programs that promote a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and improvement amongst corporate teams. Under her direction, global companies have restructured their cultures to focus on work satisfaction, recognition and appreciation of individual styles. La Shelle’s persuasive and strategic brand of leadership has prepared her for the next journey of her mission: helping individuals on a personal level to uncover revelations that will impact each area of their lives.

Forever the forward-thinker, La Shelle looks towards the future as she ponders a significant question: how do we prepare aspiring leaders and visionaries for the opportunities that await them? In response, she created Mylestone Development & Management Co., LLC, a subsidiary of parent company Vernon Innovations, Inc., to provide her own custom-tailored solutions.

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