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Lisa Cheponis

Chief Executive Officer

My lifelong passions are human happiness and human potential. In the corporate setting, Talent Optimization is the answer.  Talent Optimization is, as the name implies, the art and science of maximizing human potential.  More specifically, in the workplace, it is the emerging discipline of aligning an organization’s talent strategy (or people plan) to the organization’s business strategy, to get to optimal results.


Traditionally, many organizations either completely lack a well-defined talent strategy, or they do not know how, exactly, to align their people plan with their business strategy. We show them how, and the results these organizations achieve are transformative.  As Jim Collins might say, we help organizations go “from good to great.”  


With our training and guidance, business owners and C-suite executives can finally, with consistency, get the right people in the right seats, then know exactly how to engage different individuals fully, manage them best, and keep them long term, with far greater productivity & profits.  We train and guide managers on getting to the root cause of people problems— more quickly & effectively than ever before.  We teach companies to use data and analytics to identify spot-on hires fast, beating their competitors to the best talent for any given position.  We train and guide business owners, C-suite executives, and managers alike on how to design, build, and manage the highest performing teams.  We lead customized, deep-dive Culture Workshops, with Mission, Vision, and Values development.


Companies experience measurable results, as individuals and teams thrive. Culture flourishes. The company flourishes. And everyone from business owners to employees at every level enjoy a more fulfilling work life, giving them less stress and greater energy in all aspects of their lives. In short, as the work world is made better for everyone in the organization, so, too, is the world we each experience outside of work. “Better Work, Better World” is one of our mantras.

With the same standards of excellence and the same commitment to positive outcomes, when I help my boutique clients in a real estate transaction, my focus is on that one client’s unique needs, vision of success, and ultimate happiness. Although I have achieved notable sales volume (and was featured in The Wall Street Journal among the top 4% in the nation in real estate sales), it is the individual person or family I serve that matters most to me— never simply “selling more." That individual sale or purchase is simply too important to those I serve to have any client become a mere statistic in my business. Today, therefore, I work with fewer clients in a boutique fashion, providing the best possible experience and results. I help clients directly in Florida and Colorado, and I refer to individually selected agents in other markets across the country, ensuring a great match for each client and their situation.  Happiness for every one of my clients is my priority, as I help them each “get what matters” most to them.

Specialty Skills
Certified Negotiation Expert, Corporate Trainer, Behavioral Based Hiring Expert, Certified Talent Optimization Consultant, Certified Corporate Design Specialist, Transformative Sales Leadership, Inbound Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Strategic/Tactical Planning, Start-Up Operations, Staff Training & Development, Deep-Dive Culture Workshops, Mission/Vision/Values Workshops, Brand Development, and Analytical Problem Solving.

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