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Lia DiBello Ph.D.

CEO and Director of Research


Innovators of FutureView™ Technologies

I began my career as a cognitive scientist studying how people become intuitive experts in complex domains, such as computer science or engineering. Early on, I noticed that technology was changing the cognitive requirements of business performance. I got data for my research on accelerated learning by designing methods and technologies to help companies reach competitive levels of performance, quickly. I have worked with companies as large as IBM, Siemens, Merck, Suisse Re and New York City Transit, and as small as boutique medical device and Pharma companies. My primary passion remains in the area of understanding how to accelerate the path to expertise and high performance in business. For most of my career I have led multidisciplinary research teams which include technologists, economists, developers, psychologists, cognitive scientists and experts in business. We currently work directly with corporations in industries as diverse as mining, alternative energy, manufacturing, medical technology and finance.

My research has resulted in a number of innovative technologies that my company uses to drive powerful products for enhancing company performance, executive performance and de-risking strategies. We estimate the value delivered to our clients from our custom solutions to be in the billions. Currently, we are focused on building scalable applications of our innovations using the same underlying technology platforms that have delivered such high value in customized forms while continuing our research into the cognitive mechanisms underlying accelerated learning. My research has been funded by several awards from the National Science Foundation, NASA, National Academies of Science and many private foundations. I have worked with 53 companies in 9 industries across 4 continents, including but not limited to manufacturing, biotech, pharma, mining and healthcare.

Current product development is focused on scalable products that enhance all employees’ cognitive agility in an increasing complex and rapidly changing businesses environment. Specifically these will target capabilities to handle challenges facing our multi-national economy. Many businesses struggle with adapting to the increasing pace and complexity in business. My goal is products and tools to help businesses and their employees stay ahead of the curve in game changing ways. 

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