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John H. Goselin II


For more than 20 years, John has been representing directors and officers, financial services professionals, lawyers and accountants and their related business entities in a wide variety of federal, state and regulatory matters. He also has counseled clients to establish cyber policies and procedures to avoid incidents and provided counsel on the proper handling of breaches should there be an occurrence.

John works closely with his clients to understand how their legal matter impacts their business and maintains open communications to keep clients informed of their legal options, their risks and any potential rewards.

John is a former chief litigation counsel for a national financial services company and managed litigation portfolios for a four broker-dealer subsidiary and their independent contractor registered representatives. He is a previous a partner at three nationally known law firms at which time he represented large corporate clients, small start up businesses and non-profit organizations. John has substantial experience with lawsuits and regulatory actions involving financial products, ERISA-based financial claims, professional malpractice claims and claims premised upon allegations of fraud and/or breach of fiduciary duty. In addition to cases in federal and state courts, John represents individual business owner clients’ interests before the SEC, FINRA, CFPH and other regulatory agencies.


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