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Jay Marks has over 25 years of experience as a senior adviser in organization & leadership development and human relations.  Jay has consulted with clients in financial services, software development, transportation & logistics, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and art services in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He has also worked with physicians, colleges and not for profits. He has served as Vice President of Management Learning & Organizational Development for The Capital Group, one of America’s largest and most successful investment management firms, based in Los Angeles.

Jay has worked closely with executive teams to plan and implement organizational initiatives and management programs across all functional areas. His expertise includes advising executives and their teams, change management, strategy & goal-setting, talent & succession management, meeting facilitation, global teams, survey design & implementation, management training and organization design.

In Jay’s words: “My experience is that most employees and managers come to work wanting to do a good job and act out of their best intentions. It is the job of senior leaders to ensure the environment needed for people to know how to do their job, know how their role fits into the goals & results of the company, and then to effectively discuss with employees whether or not they are doing the job well.

When employees experience dissatisfaction at work it is far more often due to a lack of communication, direction, or effectively managing the work environment and organizational issues, than it is dissatisfaction with compensation and benefits. Ineffective leadership, strained working relationships, and “not being on the same page” are typically the causes of employees and managers not doing as good a job as they can do.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with and learn from companies that really cared about doing a great job of providing the basics that lead to superior business results AND a good work environment. This is what I bring to the companies I work with.”

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