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Jackalyn Rainosek

Owner, Faciltator of Learning, Certified Master Facilitator, Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach

Jackalyn Rainosek, Ph.D. is the co-owner of DTP-Leadership Group,
LLC (DTP). Dr. Rainosek has been an entrepreneur and consultant
for 45 years, working with hundreds of companies and management
teams on challenges ranging from severe conflicts between executive
team members, employees and customers to dealing with lack of
understanding about emotional connection, habitual patterns that
impede performance and profitability within the organization. Dr.
Rainosek identifies issues with leadership, and then implements
innovative leadership programs based on The Leadership Challenge.

Her diversity programs move a company beyond affirmative action, valuing difference and managing diversity to a place where the true potential of each employee can be realized. These programs support the creation of a culturally competent, diverse and a socially just work environment. Please
see a short article (link at end of this paragraph) on how the four major product lines (Understanding Emotional Connection, Habitual Patterns, The Leadership Challenge, and Creating Socially Just Work Environments) interrelate with each other. https://dtp-leadership.com/our-four-


Dr. Rainosek is an energetic and innovative learning facilitator and coach, with specialties in organizational development, training, community development, process consultation, mediation and dispute resolution. She has worked with small, medium, and large corporations in a wide array of industries, as well as educational institutions, community-development boards, legislative action-
oriented organizations, and facets of city, county and state government.

She is a Certified Master Facilitator with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s work, The Leadership Challenge. She is a Certified Dream Coach with Marcia Weider’s Dream University. Dr. Rainosek was a long-term affiliate with NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, serving as a Dean of
management and leadership programs. As an executive coach for junior and senior managers, CEOs and Board members, she helps organizations gain the greatest possible benefit from their talent pools

Throughout her professional career, Dr. Rainosek focused on developing advanced transformational techniques and more effective organizational models. Her emphasis on responsible and emotionally connected relationships enriches individuals, pairs, groups, and organizations. Above all, she is an expert in maximizing human potential for the benefit of a corporation’s bottom-line. She has had a profoundly positive impact on the many organizations with which she has worked – as many delighted clients will attest.

Dr. Rainosek’s latest efforts include videos and articles to help people get through the coronavirus crisis. They are available here: https://dtp-leadership.com/health-wellness/how-to-handle-stress-and-

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