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Jack Finnell

President & CEO

Jack Finnell is the author of “Do You Want to Be A Leader or A Manager….If You Can Do One, You Can Do Both” and the CEO of Growth Accelerators, LLC. He provides one-on-one Development for current CEOs and managers and for management candidates in any industry or discipline. In his own words:

“My Leadership & Management Excellence Course is focused on 2 objectives: Accelerate Financial Performance and Curtail Employee Turnover.  Although I have a Yale B.A. in Economics, the content is highly “street,” based on my 2 years in a war zone right after college, 13 highly successful years with Xerox (managed over 700 FTEs in final assignment, was #1 Branch Manager out of 86 in 2 separate locations) and 2 successful tech start-ups I sold to public corporations.

About 30% of the course content comes out of my head and the other 70% from men and women with whom I’ve worked.  However, I have field tested all of the lessons I impart and have stories to make each lesson credible and indelible.  I have delivered the course one-on-one over 150 times and presented to large groups about 15 times. I take great pleasure in sharing my insights about concrete activities, techniques and behaviors that advance business performance with open-minded individuals. These courses usually run 4 – 6 ninety-minute sessions about a week apart. Can do live at your office or mine near John Wayne Airport or via zoom. And I recently published a book on Amazon which serves as a reference and reinforcement of the issues and techniques covered in the course”

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