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Dallas VI

Evan Downey

Real Estate Broker

Evan Downey, of Monument Realty, based in Dallas, Texas, is an
almost 5-year veteran of the real estate industry and grew up with a
father who has owned and operated a single-family & commercial real
estate firm for over 30 years. Evan has represented clients around
the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, and has specialized in locating
and securing long term single-family investments for clients from all
over the country that want to put their money into real estate in North
Texas. He has built a solid foundation of clients in this community
through his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to
always put his client’s needs first.

He studied Linguistics and Spanish at San Diego State and afterwards
began work in sales and marketing. After setting a strong foundation in
door-to-door sales, he has discovered his true passion lies in
brokering real estate deals for both first-time and seasoned investors.
Passionate about single-family investments, Evan has continued to
leverage his know-how and experience to exceed his client’s

Active in the community, Evan is a proud president of the Finance
Forum whose chief effort is to raise funds for Equest, a non-profit on a
mission to enhance the quality of life for children and veterans by
partnering with horses to bring hope and healing. “It is incredible to
see how our own Texas veteran’s ‘adjustment challenges’ back into
society are helped immensely by connecting with these beautiful

In his free time, Evan is an avid gardener, outdoor cook, and church-goer. Spending time in the backyard together with his wife and first infant, Eleanor, as well as his church friends, is never something Evan takes for granted. “It doesn’t get much better than spending time with the family and church friends in the backyard!”

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