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Paris A. Hajali


President, Murex Environmental, Inc.


Dr. Hajali has 30 years of experience in environmental and civil engineering, focused mainly on the assessment and clean-up of contaminated sites.  Dr. Hajali uses a systems approach to project management, stressing efficiency in design and in project execution.  He has worked for several major aerospace, defense, and developer clients in Southern California and has special knowledge of the complex environmental permitting process.

Top Client Groups Served:

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Products

  • Environmental Attorneys

  • Commercial Property Developers

  • Aerospace & Defense

Relevant Project Experience:

Former CENCO Refinery, Santa Fe Springs, CA.  Principal-In-Charge for the soil and groundwater investigations and remedial action planning at the 55-acre inactive refinery.  The primary constituents of concern include petroleum hydrocarbons associated with refinery operations.  Project clean-up design involved frequent modifications for various redevelopment scenarios.  Lead agency Los Angeles RWQCB.


Xerox Corporation, Irvine, CA.  Project lead engineer and manager for this RCRA Corrective Action project. Responsibilities included completion and implementation of the final design of an air stripping system for treating chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater; management of the operation and maintenance of the groundwater and vapor extraction systems; evaluation of soil and groundwater cleanup effectiveness; development of groundwater cleanup criteria based on the application of risk assessment; design, fabrication, and installation of enhanced groundwater extraction systems (dual phase extraction system); and preparation of regulatory agency permits (AQMD and NPDES).


Port of Everett, WA.  Provided technical litigation support in the review and cost evaluation of this $50 million Superfund remedial action plan dealing with contaminated marine sediments.  Results of the evaluation were used to develop cost allocation among the Responsible Parties.


Dry Cleaners, City of Lodi, CA.  Retained as an expert for soil and groundwater contamination to evaluate a multi-party chlorinated solvent case, on behalf of one of the RPs.  Also reviewed costs of remedies, and prepared an evaluation of anticipated remedy effectiveness. 


Port of San Diego, San Diego, CA.  Retained as an Expert for soil and groundwater remediation and associated costs.  The site involved multiple contaminants primarily solvents, PCB, and hexavalent chromium.


Orange County Water District E-Beam Pilot Test, CA.  Co-managed the first pilot test  treatment study in the nation for Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) and other organic compounds using high energy electron injection technology, or E-Beam.  The pilot test was performed at the Orange County Water District’s Water Factory 21 to evaluate the use of the E-Beam as a treatment technology for reclaimed municipal wastewater and for drinking water wellhead treatment.  Other organic compounds evaluated during this study included:  benzene, xylene, chloroform, nitroso-dimethylamine (NDMA), and perchlorate.


Goodrich Aerostructures Group, Riverside, CA.  Project Manager for groundwater remediation and monitoring at an 80-acre aerospace manufacturing site.  Site contaminants primarily consist of Trichloroethane (TCA) and its byproducts, 1,4-Dioxane, Polychlorinated Biphenols (PCB), and Hexavalent Chromium.  The project involves the development of a cost-effective remedial strategy to address groundwater contaminants and the potential of reaching surface water.  Performed an ozone/hydrogen peroxide injection pilot test as a potential replacement for an existing groundwater pump and treat system.


Northrop Grumman Corporation, Hawthorn, CA.  Technical Advisor for the design and implementation of in-situ groundwater remediation pilot testing.  The technologies selected for the site included in-well air stripping, two phase extraction, and potassium permanganate injection.  The primary contaminants include chlorinated solvents, 1,4-Dioxane, and hexavalent chromium.


Confidential Client, Southern California.  Provided technical litigation support in the review and cost evaluation of this $50 million Superfund remedial action plan. Results of the evaluation were used to develop cost allocation among the Responsible Parties.


Los Angeles MTA, Los Angeles, CA.  Senior engineer on the Metro Line Extension project, working on dewatering, groundwater treatment, and discharge/disposal of construction and storm water.

City of Morgan Hill, CA.  Provided Expert testimony for soil and groundwater remediation for a petroleum hydrocarbon and MTBE impacted site in the City of Morgan Hill.


Dry Cleaners, City of Modesto, CA.  Retained as an Expert for soil and groundwater contamination with chlorinated solvents, primarily Tetrachloroethene (PCE).  The case involves over fifty dry cleaners locations.

Specializing in:

  • Remediation Design

  • Regulatory Negotiation

  • Innovative Site Assessment Techniques

  • Expert Testimony

  • Environmental Program Management



University of Oklahoma,

     BS, Civil Engineering, 1979

     MS, Environmental Engineering, 1981

     Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, 1987


Professional Registrations:

California: Professional Engineer

     (Reg. No. 46643)

LEED AP Certified



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