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David Levy

Practice Group Director


As the head of PRP's Research & Information Services Practice Group, I lead a team of subject matter experts tasked with developing and implementing cost reduction strategies for corporations and law firms.

Our corporate clients are extremely diverse (medical, financial, manufacturing, etc.), which necessitates a customized approach. We seek to lower costs and improve operational efficiencies in the following areas:

1) Corporate Legal Departments - online legal agreements and eDiscovery

2) Data Sourcing - SAAS Product Development, Authentication & Verification of Individuals and Companies, Risk Assessment of Individuals and Companies

3) Market Intelligence - Demographic Information, Commercial Real Estate, News & Information, Competitive intelligence

4) Operations - Revenue generation and profit margin optimization

For our law firm clients:

1) We seek a lower cost structure without a reduction in attorney access to resources. This is our paramount directive for law firms.

2) Our preferred approach is holistic and touches every dollar of spend in the library, business development and marketing departments.

3) We examine both print and online resources and have benchmark data on almost 100 vendors.

4) We help our clients improve the way they access resources through the implementation of best practices and leveraging improved technology.

5) We align information resource spend with firm strategic goals – cost reduction is always important, but so are other concerns, such as expanded business and competitive intelligence efforts, reducing the library’s physical footprint, and increasing the depth of resources to support practice area enlargement.

6) Our configurable dashboards provide unparalleled access to an organization's spend information. This makes spend and usage data actionable at lightning speed.

7) After we lower a clients’ costs, we seek to control increases in their long term spend. There is no additional charge for this service.

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