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Cecilia Lynch


Cecilia Lynch is the founder and chief strategist of Focused Momentum®, a San Francisco based strategic planning and management consulting firm that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. Cecilia is a recognized leader in strategic thinking and a seasoned strategist for both commercial and non-profit sectors.

As the creator of Strategy Class®, Cecilia’s firm is making strategic planning available for everyone by providing access to strategic thinking, planning, and management tools and techniques. Cecilia is also an author of multiple books and articles. Her first book, Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking, is a groundbreaking work that guides entrepreneurs and leadership teams through the often-overwhelming task of starting long-range strategic planning.

Ms. Lynch was recognized early in her career for her unique approach to strategic leadership as an executive of the wildly successful brand Dockers®. Her signature style provides the catalyzing spark that keeps the energy high during even the most challenging of consulting engagements.

Cecilia’s approach to consulting is far from prescriptive. She leads from the belief that everyone has a hidden strategist inside them. It is her team’s job to engage the hidden strategist to build brilliant strategic thinking that is well understood and internalized by those that must drive planning and lead implementation. She credits this approach with why so many of Focused Momentum’s clients achieve their long-range planning goals a year ahead of their initial plan.

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