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White House Posts How to Protect Your Business from Increasing Cyberattacks

The White House has issued a Fact Sheet on how to protect yourself from Cyberattacks​ with a dramatic increase of breaches happening to small and medium sized businesses. These resources should be utilized to protect your business before, and after, an attack:

FACT SHEET: Act Now to Protect Against Potential Cyberattacks | The White House

Many businesses fail to do the bare minimum, citing costs or nuisances of having to input a code or look up a number on their phone. What these companies do not see is what the damage to their firm can be if they do get breached or experience a ransomware attack. 60% of companies hit with cyberattacks in 2020 did NOT recover and went out of business. 80% of the ones that survived then faced ANOTHER ransomware attack within 6 months that finally forced them to close their doors.

Do the needful, and be aware of the gaps in your organization, before someone else breaks in and ends your livlihood.



Kirk Lesser

Kirk Lesser


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