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Member Testimonials

Listen to what our members have to say about being a part of Highrise Networks. Additional testimonials can also be found through Endorsal (click on the star in the bottom left corner to read more).

"A powerful way to develop strong relationships with other professionals that provide invaluable intellectual resources, excellent sources of qualified referrals and lasting friendships with fellow colleagues."
"Being a member of Highrise Networks has allowed me to increase my national network and connect with business owners who are eager to connect and support the growth of the collective membership."
"Great group of people, operating at a high level, willing to help each other. Highrise does a great job filtering people, and the class of the groups shows."
"Highrise's network provides opportunities to meet the best partners, mentors, and clients. Drive yourself and your business forward."
"Highrise is a great organization and I have successfully developed and referred a lot of quality business. I have been a part of other networking organizations and Highrise stands apart. The members are actively engaged and participate."
"Highrise has been a wonderful experience and has given me insights into various professional channels. I am learning from highly skilled women and men from coast to coast. Well worth the time to participate."
"Thank you Highrise! My organization has made connections and learned valued added lessons that have catapulted us to new levels of success."
"There are a number of different opportunities for a member to participate from the home group to national. And on a local level, there are many opportunities to visit other groups."
"I have been in marketing groups off and on for many years. This is the best organized, most useful group in my experience. There are good managers, good people with whom to engage, and multiple effective platforms for engagement."
"I learned a good deal with respect to establishing relationships and partnerships within the Non-Profit Vertical."