Talent Attraction and Retention

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In the newsletter, we talked about Talent Attraction and Retention, which sparked a great response from our Members. We wanted to bring this topic into The Rooftop to Keep the Mastermind Going! As a recap to the newsletter article, viewable here, here are the basics of the article on ways to attract and retain talent.

Attracting Talent

  • Offer benefits more tailored to the current needs of the workforce focused on work-life balance
  • Identify opportunities for employee growth, career advancement, and personal development
  • Create job postings that are more transparent, highlighting the “extras” and the culture
  • Expand the talent pool and increase inclusivity when seeking candidates
  • Modify your screening process for candidates to improve recruitment efforts
  • Focus on corporate responsibility and demonstrating your social interests that allow candidates to seek meaningful work that is more in line with their own interests and values

Retaining Talent

  • Create a welcoming, inclusive environment
  • Encourage team building that fosters trust and camaraderie
  • Get your employees involved in creating the ideal workplace setting
  • Consider upskilling or reskilling your current employees to help meet your changing business needs, while presenting employees with interesting new challenges that develop their talents
  • If an employee does leave, conduct an exit interview to identify gaps between employee needs and the culture provided
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