Set Yourself Up for Success with these Goal-Setting Tips

by: Courtney Van De Burg


The start of the new year brings new opportunities as you look at what you want to accomplish in 2022. It’s time to recommit to your business aspirations and to work on your goals for the year. To set yourself up for success this year, take a look at how you have defined your goals or use these tips to create clear, well-defined goals and a solid plan for accomplishing them.


At Highrise Networks, we are dedicated to our members’ success and have compiled a list of tips to help you set and accomplish your goals in 2022.

  1. Get Specific
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be Proactive
  1. Involve Others
  2. Take Action
  3. Check-In


You want to create specific target goals that motivate you and your team. Being too vague in creating your goals will make them difficult to implement. A good rule of thumb is to follow the well-established SMART tool in shaping your roadmap for the new year. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.


Your goals should be aspirational but be honest about what you and your team can accomplish. Look at your past goals and actions to identify what has worked or not worked and what you can learn from your experiences. Evaluate your resources and consider the strengths of your team as well as any pitfalls that exist. And pay attention to upcoming trends in your industry. Take the time to determine what you can gain or lose from reaching or goals or missing the mark this year.


Setting your goals is not enough. You need to put together a solid action plan for attaining your goals. If your plan is too big of a task break it down further into manageable tasks. Identify what motivates you, list any expected obstacles or gaps that exist in your team’s strength, and brainstorm solutions for overcoming these obstacles. Then put your plan in writing and use visual tools to visualize the steps needed to accomplish your goals.


There is a higher chance of not accomplishing your goals if you keep them to yourself. Involve others, including your team and peer advisors that can help build a sense of accountability. Telling others opens the door for alternative ideas, feedback and advice to improve your plan, while also creating consensus and support as you move through your plan.


Once you have a plan, get the ball rolling and stick to it. Don’t just set it aside or try to wait for the “right” time (which may never come). You need to actively work your plan on a consistent basis to make any progress. Without action your goals are dead in the water. So set time aside, either daily or weekly, to work on goal-directed tasks in your plan.


Your plan does not have to be set in stone. Make a point of evaluating your goals and your progress throughout the year. Determine if you are heading down the right track or need alternative actions to keep the momentum going forward. If mistakes are made, don’t dwell on them. Instead, learn from your mistakes and continually ask yourself if you are doing the “right” things needed at each step or if you would be better off making adjustments. Then adjust and take another step forward.


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