by: Liz Centi

The New Year is a time to reflect on prior accomplishments and to set goals for the coming year. 

If your objectives for next year include occupational advancement, it may be a good time to review your professional bio on both LinkedIn and here at Highrise.

Creating a great bio can be very instrumental in making the most beneficial connections.

Here are some tips for improving yours, so that you can start 2022 off on a great note!

  • It may be some time since you have written what’s presently stated, so make sure it matches up to your current resume. If it’s been a long while, you may even want to start from scratch and create something new. 

  • It’s important when setting your bio up to know what audience you seek. Are you looking to network? Do you hope to get referrals? Is hiring part of your plan? Answer these questions and gear your information in that direction. 

  • Find other bios that catch your eye and appeal to you. Include some of those same details in yours. 

  • Write your bio in the first person. Having a bio written in the third person can seem too resume-like and create an automatic disconnect with your reader. It’s your profile, so treat it as if you are directly speaking to someone. It will show confidence in your skills and abilities.  

  • Your work experiences are definitely a necessary component to your bio, but be sure to include some unique information about yourself; interests, hobbies, volunteer work, etc. Showing another side to your personality may bond you with people that might have otherwise overlooked you. And, make your more memorable, as well. 

  • Don’t overthink it. Use creative jargon. Write as you speak….don’t use fancy industry-specific language or acronyms. You don’t want to be passed over because the viewer does not have a clear understanding of what it is you actually do. 

  • Last, but not least, be sure to add a great photo. Your photo will be the first impression others have of you. It may be the deciding factor on whether or not they read your bio, so make sure its simple and professional.



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