Top Professionals Helping Each Other Succeed Through Conversation, Resource Sharing, and Growing as a Leader

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With Highrise, you can join a growing community of high-achieving professionals that are dedicated to helping each other succeed through traditional networking, in-depth conversations, resource sharing, and growing as a leader. 


As a Member of this exclusive community, you will have access to knowledge and resources on a national scale. Highrise has 100+ groups in the US and 1,500 Members with a wide variety of professional expertise. These top professionals can be great referral sources to help you drive new business. 


You will have a profile on our member-only, password-protected website that will be optimized for Google search engines. Our “Use Highrise Members” search bar gives you the chance to be found by other Members or one of our 100,000 monthly website visitors. This feature provides another opportunity to develop new business within the Highrise community.


There is no shortage of meetings. We have weekly community forums, industry verticals, and exclusive social events. Our Networking Members are also allowed to guest at 10 group meetings per year with a maximum of two visits at each group.


Our Industry Verticals meet quarterly utilizing a variety of formats from group meetings to panel discussions. The purpose of these groups is to facilitate in-depth conversations specific to the unique challenges of an industry and to discuss the approach, solutions, and experiences of our Members within that industry. Verticals also allow Members to tap resources outside of their local market. Additional opportunities to discuss industry specific topics are available through our online conversation platform.

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