Irvine I



Meets on the 4th Wednesday of the Month at 12:00 PM

Linda Peterson, CEO & Founder
Phoenix I Chair
Management Consulting: Healthcare
Executive Solutions For Healthcare
Stuart Gethner, President
Phoenix I Co-Chair
Residential Real Estate Investment
Gethner Education Coaching & Consulting
Clifford Paul, Principal
Structural Engineering
PK Associates Structural Engineers
Michael Noble, Managing Partner
Market Research
OH Predictive Insights
Jesse Westad, Owner & Principal
Landscape Architecture & Engineering
Tom McAndrew, Principal
Construction: Residential & Commercial
Charter Home Alliance
Matt Hawkins, President
Construction: Residential & Commercial
Charter Home Alliance
Sheila Lehker, Sr. Vice President
National Retained Executive Search & Assessment Consulting
Cizek Associates, Inc.
Nancy Shenker, Founder & CEO
Chad Jacobs, Owner
Information Technology Consulting
Focal Solutions
Ted Mort, Chief Innovation Officer
Construction Technology
Patricia Peyton, Managing Director
Management Consulting
Sphere International
Scott Horn, President
Wealth Management
TFO Phoenix Inc.
Rafael Carmona, Managing Partner​
Tax & Accounting
One Plus Business and Tax Consulting, LLC
Daniel Hiralez, President
P&C Insurance
Integra Insurance Group
Thomas Maguire, President
Maguire Financial Group
Life & Health Insurance
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