Building a national community of leaders at every level.

Focused on helping high-achieving professionals build their networks and elevate their businesses, we offer a variety of membership levels for top professionals in every segment of leadership. Prospective members can choose the membership type that best suits their needs with either a mastermind focus or a networking focus, from CEOs to Young Professionals.

For our high-level CEOs, Founders, and Business Owners, we have launched Apex Boardroom and for Young Professionals, focused on professional growth and leadership development, we offer Highrise Now as a gateway to Highrise. Within our core Highrise community, we have several membership levels, including Highrise Mastermind, Highrise Networks, National Virtual, and Networking Only. 

All Members and non-Members can also qualify for referral bonuses for making a referral that completes the onboarding process. Learn more about our membership levels below, download a PDF to share information, or fill out the referral form. For any questions, call 213-444-9623.

Apex Boardroom

Ideal for high-level CEOs, Founders, and Business Owners interested in monthly half-day peer-level mastermind discussions and issue processing to elevate business success.

Annual Membership Cost: $6000 Schedule an Introduction


An exclusive community of hand-selected professionals dedicated to helping each other succeed. There is a mastermind element to every meeting with a heavy focus on building new relationships, creating quality referral opportunities.

Annual Membership Cost: $1800 Schedule an Introduction


Join a growing community of high-achieving professionals, dedicated to helping each other succeed through traditional networking, in-depth conversations, resource sharing, and growing as a leader.

Annual Membership Cost: $1000 Schedule an Introduction

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