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Irvine VI

Howard Lee

Digital Marketing Advisor

Howard is the founder of LFDM, a marketing advisory built on fulfilling the glaring need for something different from the traditional agency and consultant model. The company focuses on truly bespoke strategy and execution plans based on needs & available talent -- rather than a portfolio of offerings.

Though this approach was something completely new, he was confident that a more efficient strategy towards marketing was what people wanted, and the market responded: Within the first year, LFDM managed to grow its team by 300%, and service over 28 companies ranging from small mom-and-pops all the way to huge multinational companies with offices in over 12 countries.

Howard comes from a digital background, having managed a team of 40, with over 300 website & platform development, social media and SEO campaigns executed over the last 10 years.

Before that, Howard was a video game storyboard author, a traveling backpacker, and a political organizer.

Howard is an avid hiker and loves through-hikes. He just recently finished walking 500 miles through the El Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) in Spain, the Trans-Catalina trail, and is currently eyeing the John Muir Trail and the Via Francigena.

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