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Membership Overview

Participating in our mastermind groups is like having a board of directors, peer advisory, and business mentoring group all in one. Members come together to help each other explore new ideas, evaluate potential opportunities, develop strategic initiatives, and overcome business challenges. Oftentimes, they develop long-lasting, supportive relationships and contribute much of their business success to being a part of their mastermind group.


You are only as strong as the people who surround you. Apex thoroughly vets our Members and carefully curates each mastermind group from diverse industries. There are three levels of membership and individual groups are formed with Members that are in similar stages.

Expansion Stage – $10M+ in Annual Revenue and 25+ Employees
Growth Stage – $2M to $10M in Annual Revenue and 10+ Employees
Start-Up Stage – No Minimum Annual Revenue, 5+ Years of Executive experience


Early adopters will be invited in to be a Founding 500 Member. You will be part of a special community within Apex. There will be exclusive social events, a website F500 badge, invitations to open feedback forms with the CEO, and relationship-building meetings just for Founders.

Our mastermind groups gather in a structured mastermind setting 12 times per year. Typically, we have 4 live and 8 virtual meetings.

We are focused on fostering dynamic interactions that lead to better results. Each meeting will include a minimum of three spotlights. This is where Members present a specific issue or opportunity they would like to discuss and get unbiased feedback.

Meetings are led by our highly skilled moderators and formatted to create maximum impact. Group moderators are Highrise employees trained to engage Members of the group in relevant discussions and ask non-leading questions that encourage valuable insight and advice.

Positive results come from sharing your input, ideas, and challenges on a frequent basis. This requires developing an intimate, confidential setting with a limited number of Members. We hand select 15 Members from diverse industries to carefully curate each group.

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