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​Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 AM

Kathy Boelter, President
Denver I Co-Chair
Arrow Solutions Group
Mark Musselman, Founder
Denver I Co-Chair
Executive Coaching
MX5 Coaching & Consulting
Vivian Winston, Chief Financial Officer
Interior Design
Maurice Dukes, CEO
Oil & Energy Specialist
Matt Herndon, Principal
Market Research
Corona Insights
David Piatt, President
Life Insurance Expert
Noble Crossings Company
Billy Wiegner, Real Estate Broker
Residential Real Estate
The Landon Team
Angie Wolfe, Owner
Ideas at Dawn
Sarah Vonnahme, Vice President
Human Resources Consulting
Cura HR
Nicole McGuire, Senior HR Consultant
Human Resources Consulting
Cura HR
Bart Connolly, President
Real Estate Development
Partnering with Physicians LLC
Mecayla Cobb, Principal
Cullen McGuire, Director
Commercial Construction
Rand Corporation
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Los Angeles, CA 90017

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