Irvine I



Meets on the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 12:00 PM in Alpharetta

Matthew Marini, Managing Director
Atlanta II Chair
Technical Recruiting
Agile Resources
Matthew Crawford, Partner
Employment Law
Martenson Hasbrouck & Simon
Chris Beisner, Vice President
Software Specialist
ETI Software Solutions
Ken Sisson, President
Rogers Electric
Pam Lopez, Managing Partner
Management Consulting
Customer Focused Strategies
Michael Jensen, Vice President
Commercial Banking
Ameris Bank
James Pitts, CEO
Commercial Real Estate
Fractional Real Estate Department
Suzanne Beisner, Managing Partner
Management Consulting
Customer Focused Strategies
Brian Mould, CEO and Owner
Office Systems Specialist
Better Office Systems
Mark Moeller, Partner
Real Estate Law
Taylor English Duma LLP
Ray Johnson, Managing Director
Commercial Lending & Finance
Barrington Commercial Capital
Martin Jermakyan, President and CEO
Outsourced CFO & CTO
Vernadun, LLC
Bobby Mayer, Vice President
P&C Insurance
Beecher Carlson
William Tallman, Senior VP
Wealth Management
Merrill Lynch
Chris Zack, Chief Revenue Officer
Airwavz Solutions
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