Translator and Interpreter

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Howdy! I'm Marco Hanson, a real language enthusiast. I work for the family business, Texan Translation, in Austin and Houston. We translate text between written languages (currently about 50) for all kinds of B2B and B2C needs. Some examples: evidence for lawsuits, websites, social media posts, dashcam recordings of DWI stops and police interrogations, interfaces for apps being deployed worldwide, HR manuals and forms for companies with non-English-speaking staff, contracts for international deals, adoptions from abroad, immigration paperwork, etc. If you're doing business in English only but would like to explore how and when to start adding foreign-language content to your materials, let's chat! I can help with the research and prioritizing, whether or not you decide to proceed yet. I can also offer insights on situations where free, instant machine translation will meet your needs vs. hiring a professional, native speaker for the target-language content.