First Post "Make Your Bed"

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Liz Centi 4 weeks

Hello All- WELCOME-and Happy June!

I am so glad that you are all participating and hope that you are enjoying this book as much as I am. Small....but impactful, for sure!

I read online that studies indicate people who make their bed are overall happier, experience a better night’s sleep, are more productive, have a better sense of well-being, and tend to stick to a budget better than their non-bed-making counterparts! I don't know if this is all true, but I can say that it is a habit my mother instilled in me as a young child, and I do know I feel better when I start my day with my bed made. 

SO, here is my first question to kick off the Highrise Book Club:

Do you make your bed first thing in the morning? If so, how do you feel after the bed is made? If not, what stops you from doing it?