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Eric Pratum 7 months

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Bigwidesky is seeking a creative visionary and leader. Whether your creative background is in design, copy, messaging, branding, or something else, we are looking for someone who has a vision for and can lead all our creative endeavors. This includes getting clients excited about the future of projects like an application or a new brand, setting direction and providing oversight for creative partners, ensuring our creative work meets our standards and exceeds our clients’ expectations, and more.

Key traits we are seeking in you are:

  1. Creative vision.
  2. Creative and execution leadership.
  3. A positive, confident presence with team & clients.
  4. High EQ.
  5. Passion for creativity.
  6. Passion for emerging marketing tools & trends.
  7. Ability to inspire & guide a team with diverse skill sets.
  8. Highly collaborative & open to exploration of forward-thinking ideas.
  9. Unbounded conceptual thinking.
  10. Highly resourceful.
  11. The ability to find and manage partners for production.
  12. Curiosity.
  13. Passion.
  14. Communication.
  15. The ability to scope, price, plan, and otherwise document program needs, vision, and other details.

Imagine yourself walking into a prospect meeting with our CEO, standing up in front of the room, leading the conversation about a project, getting them excited about both the possibilities for the future and our ability to deliver, writing up the proposal or brief, finding partners to execute upon your vision, overseeing their work, leading the project with key stakeholders and the client throughout, and shepherding it through to completion.

If you would like to work in a fast-growing consultancy that helps our clients orient their work around an exciting vision for their future, if you are naturally someone who can paint a groundbreaking picture of possible outcomes, if you are less likely to feel that you have to design or write every piece but rather are constituted to find partner agencies or specialists to do that work, come talk with us.

Bigwidesky crafts innovative futures and solutions for the most difficult business challenges. We are led by our values, which you can see at

About Us


  1. We are looking for someone with substantial creative leadership experience.
  2. You must be driven by doing new things rather than optimizing what already exists.
  3. The ideal candidate is excited by the unknown and willing to deal with “what if” and “we’ve never encountered this” challenges.
  4. We must have someone who has an existing network of agencies or specialists they can partner with or who is excited to find those people, build those relationships, and execute work through them.
  5. Bigwidesky’s value proposition is in helping organizations orient their work, culture, and more around their vision. It is not in pumping out more and more websites or ads. We do however come in as the consultants and visionaries and then stay involved to ensure that execution matches vision.
  6. Our work touches organizational design, strategic foresight, communications, websites, apps, email, advertising, offline programs of all types, and beyond.
  7. We are vertical-agnostic. We excel with organizations with innovative, visionary leaders that face challenges in the areas of organizational strategy, communications, and technology.
  8. Bigwidesky is based in St Louis, MO. We prefer local candidates but are open to remote. 15% of our current staff is fully remote.

Work Experience

+10 years of total creative experience. +3 years in a Creative Director or higher role.

Educational Requirements

BA or BS in Design, Writing, or similar creative areas.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Generous PTO Policy
  • Health, Dental, Vision and Insurance Plans
  • 401(k)


We make business more human.

With rigorous, proven design futures thinking, we craft innovative futures and solutions for every business challenge. This creates greater engagement, agility, imagination within organizations, and unlocks the potential of your people.

We use design futures thinking and creative strategy that integrates both emerging and traditional communications tools, and we believe our human approach is more measurable, nurtures stronger relationships, and encourages adoption and evangelism.

Our company was established in 2004 to synthesize creative and technical cultures, deliver elegant human-centered solutions to complex challenges, and help companies navigate the radically changing marketing, communications, and engagement paradigm. We provide solutions in three key areas:

  1. The full spectrum of marketing communications – branding, digital transformation, content marketing, social media, SEO, gaming technology, application design, PR, events, traditional media, and more.
  2. Technology design and application development to implement social/employee engagement tools.
  3. Organizational Strategy to foster engagement and help companies express and invigorate their internal brand.

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