Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 101 - with - - SAT. MAY 14TH, 8:30AM PDT

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Jay Ashford 7 months

Hello Highrise Community...

I am teaching my next instance of CRM-101 this Saturday, May 14th, 8:30am via Zoom. Please read below and come check it out, or feel free to forward to friends/colleagues who can take advantage of this opportunity. 

CONTEXT: How companies track and manage their lists of leads and customers, and their interactions with those leads and customers has changed significantly in the past 30-40 years. During this period, companies have moved away from paper-based rolodexes, lead lists, individual contact management apps, and spreadsheets. These methods have largely been replaced by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems that centralize, streamline and automate the management and reporting of an organization's customers and customer interaction data.

: This introductory, instructor-led, online class is designed to give those new to the world of Customer Relationship Management a quick leg up with the essential core concepts of CRM, and how such systems can help centralize, track, automate and streamline interactions with your customers, and provide your organization with greater visibility into its marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. This course is designed for those who don't want to spend several days, and potentially thousands of dollars, on a formal CRM training course. This course will provide students with the core knowledge and tools they need to support further self-learning and skill-building, using a free, online (but somewhat limited) version of 

Please visit for additional details and course registration, or email me with any questions you might have ([email protected]

Jay (National Virtual I)