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Sylvia Lafair PhD, CEO of Creative Energy Options Inc

Top Global Leadership Guru/ Executive Coach/Business Consultant/Award Winning Author/ Contributor

High impact leadership coaching to optimize workplace relationships, change management, skills to move conflict to collaboration, leadership development, team development, executive coaching and business consulting. We redefine leadership. Seminars and retreats to enhance team creativity, women leadership skills, workplace relationship dynamics insights into what holds good people back from being their best

As a Curious Kid
Searching for answers seems embedded in my DNA. I was fascinated watching how often people would make the same mistakes and complain about the same upsets time after time. I observed it in family, neighbors, at school and even in books and films.

As I Grew Older
I saw how specific experiences become behavior patterns that people lived by yet barely noticed. It was “same stuff, different day,” just like in “Groundhog Day.”

My fascination with the power of personal and cultural patterns deepened after my father died from a sudden heart attack when I was 14. The cause? Constant conflict at work.

My determination to understand what happened and why led me to an amazing discovery: unresolved family patterns follow us to work. That’s what was behind the stress my father carried throughout his career.

Work stress became the enemy.

My search for more answers became my passion, to find ways to transform outdated, ingrained patterns that destroy health and the joy of success.

Why I do what I do
Now, I do what I do to prepare, liberate and empower leaders and teams – and to ensure no one need lose a loved one over unresolved conflict and stress at work.

—Sylvia Lafair PhD

Founder of Creative Energy Options (CEOInc.) and the world’s leading authority in Pattern Aware Leadership Development, Top Global Leadership Guru and award winning author of Don’t Bring It To Work.

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