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Susan Watts


Owner / Managing Director

To know Susan, is to know that she is a self-proclaimed “Serial Entrepreneur”. Susan started her very first company at the age of eleven. An artistic sustainability-focused company (a.k.a. crafts class) for kids in the neighborhood. Susan paid her sister and another girl to teach the class. She in invited the kids to come to the house after swim team practice; then collected the money at the door and asked the parents to donate recycled materials (coffee cans, egg cartons, newsprint, etc.) then made stuff out of them.  Many of the kids; now in their mid-40’s, still have their artwork.

Fast forward to present day and you’ll find this Executive MBA Dartmouth graduate, turned self-made entrepreneur at the helm of SpaceCraft International. But let’s get one thing clear, there is no “I” in SpaceCraft, and for good reason. SpaceCraft thrives on collaboration and community. This mindset is the foundation upon which SpaceCraft was built. The SpaceCraft philosophy is this… we use a collective approach, that results in the creation of customized teams of specialists specifically geared toward supporting the client’s vison.

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