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Susan Cedars

President and Founder

Susan Cedars is the Founder and President of Cedars Executive Coaching and Frontline Coaches. As a former Regional Vice President for the fifth largest Health System in the Nation, Susan understands the impact of Leadership failures, and helps Leaders and Teams solve tough problems.

As an Executive Coach and Business Consultant, Susan helps leaders and teams transform themselves from the inside out. Transforming leaders and teams throw off sparks of inspiration, becoming compelling models for other areas of the organization. Trust, effectively managing conflict, commitment to that which matters most, holding themselves and others accountable, results orientation - these are critical competencies for highly effective team leadership. Susan works with individual
leaders and teams to develop greater capabilities in these areas, enabling them to more effect change and execute well on sound strategy.

Susan’s clients are long term thinkers who are committed to making sustained and systemic change. They are willing to courageously face who and where they are now, and develop a well articulated future vision. Through adaptive learning, her clients practice new ways of thinking, relating, and taking action; they develop new self-awareness and self-management that supports true, purpose-driven leadership.

Susan’s Purpose is to inspire Leaders and Teams to become powerful creators, catalyst for change.

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