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Irvine II

Steve Sequeira

President / CEO


We provide a broad range of Nondestructive Testing Services as well as Construction Materials Inspection and Testing.  


Our Unyielding focus to continuously refine our core competencies has resulted in providing most effective and accurate services in the Southern California area in which we serve.

We understand that on all construction sites there are inherent risks with the types of services associated on each project and our proven track record clearly shows we are here to help eliminate the risks that your construction project has.


That is why Inspection Resources was formed. Nondestructive testing prevents people, the environment, and existing structures from being inadvertently harmed by construction activities or defective materials. Non-Destructive Testing is the only thing we do, so we do it right.

Your results are only as good as the technicians who conduct the tests.  Each of our technicians has met rigorous on-the-job training and certification requirements. They also spend extensive time continuing their education so they stay current with equipment and technology innovation.

You really don’t want to pay more than is necessary. We use the best equipment available in each of our service areas. Having both in-house X-Ray and GPR equipment, we can provide the level of detail and accuracy you need, where you need it.  You can act confidently using the information provided in our reports.

Without experience scans can be difficult to accurately interpret. That is why our technicians possess the expertise necessary to make accurate readings. Site markers are precise and reports include clear text explanations,

industry standard notations, and updated CAD drawings (as required).

Your time is money.

We are on site within 24 hours for more than 90% of our projects. Once the test is complete, we create reports and distribute them digitally, often in near real time, getting the information to the people working on site as quickly as possible to avoid prolonged delays.

Non-Destructive Testing, Quality Assurance Services within the Southern California Region. Our vast networking within the deputy inspection community and in-house non-destructive testing personnel also enables IRC to provide reliable, non-competitive project staffing services for a significant number of other Testing & Inspection Agencies.

Our management and operations team at Inspection Resources represents over 100 years of direct experience in the construction industry.

IRC interacts with a wide variety of industry leading, Architects, Engineers and General Contractors on a wide variety of project design, production, and quality issues. By working with these industry leaders, The company is able to maintain a high standard of quality while keeping project scheduling demands in mind.


  • To provide Expert Service with professionalism and integrity

  • Ensure that every customer is 100 percent satisfied with our services

  • Present Expert reports that clearly define our findings.

With our experience in the underground locating and non-destructive testing industry we are the first choice in locating and testing services in Los Angeles and Orange County CA.

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