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Dallas VI Chair

Sheila Sheley

Vice President

What makes me unique

I’ve distilled a wide variety of professional experiences into a singular focus on creating and distributing great content. Content is the heartbeat of professional services marketing – it’s how lawyers and others prove up their expertise and experience. So whether I’m leveraging my background in Louisiana politics, Wall Street communications, law firm marketing or agency public relations, it’s all about the content.

Public relations is my favorite playground – PR is all about building delicate and authentic relationships with journalists and I love that challenge. And it’s where professionals earn the most credibility – media placements have a lot of power to build reputations.

I’m also the rare person who admits to being a believer in the marketing tactic everyone loves to hate – the email campaign. But I love it because it’s effective when done right, and it’s genuinely fun to put this powerful tool to work and watch people slowly come around on this poor maligned marketing strategy.

The projects that I love

Anything with complicated legal and other technical details that need to be translated for regular people – meaning everyone other than the lawyer who worked on that case or accountant who works with regulatory agencies, such as the SEC and FASB. I’ve studied enough case briefs and court opinions now in the pursuit of coherent press releases or case studies that I think I could take a decent run at the bar exam. OK, maybe not the bar exam, but I bet I could fake my way through a law school alumni cocktail party.

I also love helping startup firms get going – the process of defining their brand, their message – who they are now and who they’re going to be as they grow. That’s an exciting challenge and I love being part of that early rollercoaster ride with them, and then watching them level out and find their groove.

What makes me proud

Professionally, I’m very proud of the success I achieved with my own small legal marketing agency before joining forces with Content Pilot in 2018. We launched in 2009 and were named one of the Best Public Relations Firms for the Legal Industry by Texas Lawyer Magazine for several years in a row, starting in 2013. I have long admired Deborah McMurray and Keith Wewe both personally and professionally and having the chance to work alongside them and the team at Content Pilot now is a dream come true. I’m also proud of my leadership roles in the Legal Marketing Association, including my time as Chair of the Dallas City Group. I have been proud to sponsor the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting, as well as the Dallas Bar Association, the Association of Legal Administrators and the Legal Marketing Association’s events across Texas.

On the home front, I’m very proud of my daughter, Joanna, a sophomore and math major at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Go Pirates!

Nuts and bolts

  • French Major, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

  • Frequent author, speaker, sponsor

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