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Saad Ilyas



Saad Ilyas is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 23 years of success across the management of architecture, civil engineering, logistics, education transportation, and aviation industries. Leveraging extensive experience in leading project & program management and implementation of municipal infrastructure and aviation capital improvement Programs, he is a valuable asset for clients, working on changing and improving their culture, strategize to break free from stagnation and re-ignite growth, and support projects & programs in distress, to implement successful implementation.

His broad areas of expertise include construction management, project & program management, contract administration, organizational development, and stakeholder engagement. Saad has been with ASLPM Consultants since the mid 90s, developing within various management roles, ultimately leading the company as President & CEO since October 2017. In his current role, he is leading the company in diversification of markets, in a culture of Service & Collaboration, and is maintaining the company's reputation in excelling in the management of client's needs & expectations, as well as for taking on distressed projects and guiding them to successful recovery.

His experience includes providing Management Consulting services at Public Agencies, as well as being in an executive role for program teams, at various agencies. He believes in finding solutions without fault for challenges, providing an added value in teams and focusing on what's important- mentor his peers & support his clients.

Saad holds Master's degree in Environmental Design & Architecture, and is a member of the International Partnering Institute. He has been highlighted in industry journals, some of which can be accessed at the following links:


As a Small Business owner, he is passionate about development & mentoring other small businesses, by sharing his professional journey, and highlighting his failures & successes.

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