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Rudy Ordaz


I am a results-driven, dynamic, customer-oriented IT and sales executive with over 15 years’ experience driving and implementing effective sales strategies that exceed targets, expand customer base and deliver sustainable, profitable revenues. Knowledgeable of Sales, Cold Calling, and start-ups; I am also an Entrepreneur expert at leading business expansion. I have a successful track record delivering cloud, internal IT, VOIP, mobile and network security solutions.

With an extensive working knowledge and in-depth understanding of building business applications and solutions, across a variety of technology stacks and domains, I am skilled at defining, negotiating and closing key business relationships that strengthen market position, boost sales and support financial growth.

Adaptable and flexible with a unique breadth of business experience, I focus on supporting products’ vision, strategy and roadmap while collaborating with stakeholders and key management to ensure all goals are aligned and met. I am also capable of prioritizing, monitoring and controlling the establishment and accomplishment of project milestones, timelines, budgets as well as other performance standards.

As an entrepreneur and business man I wear many hats; I oversee my companies’ financials, I perform cost control, employee management, short and long term business planning and quality control. I am adept at understanding complex business processes, identifying stakeholders needs, and growing business by defining systems requirements/solutions. I am also proficient in devising full-spectrum solutions that help clients reduce operating costs, streamline operations, and increase competitive advantages

☛ I am very passionate about technology and the way in which we can maximize productivity using it, and I am able to discuss and evaluate solutions for a wide range of technical necessities.

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