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Rafael Carmona, EA

Managing Partner

Rafael Carmona graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy. He is a US Army Veteran and has been an enrolled agent since 1996.

“My goal was to get my bachelor’s degree and work for the IRS or the US Postal Services. During college, I started doing taxes as a way to support my family.  By the time I was a senior I had a small practice built.  I really enjoyed helping people in an area that seemed to overwhelm them. To this day I am fueled by helping people succeed in business.”

Mr. Carmona is a

  • Certified Tax Planner

  • Certified Tax Coach

  • Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

  • Enrolled Agent

Specializing in intelligent business and tax strategies for family-run businesses, Real Estate professionals, physicians, attorneys, and high-income executives.

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