• Forrest Blake

WEBINAR: "You Lost Me at Hello"

Join "LAMA Technique" Creator Judy McKee and Forrest Blake, Founder & CEO of Highrise, for this special webinar.

The Elevator Speech is dead. It's time to know how to open a conversation with potential clients that creates a psychologically safe environment.

The Opening Greeting is absolutely the most important part of any new conversation. You can either OPEN a new door or SLAM the door on the potential you might have had.

Judy McKee, author of many books on Sales and Customer Service, Relationship Management and Personal Coaching, will show you in 30 minutes how to close the doors to old expressions that manipulate others and learn to create a ‘safe environment’ for your client or your customer.

If you would like to view this video on YouTube:


For more information visit: http://mckeeconsultingllc.com


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