• Forrest Blake

Webinar Video: What Makes Employees Care About Your Company?

Learn about the leadership issues that every business faces, which can determine how committed an employee is to their job and your company.

Join us for a timely conversation about attracting, retaining, and developing top talent today. Expert Jay Marks works with the top teams of growing companies on their management approach, developing the next generation of leaders, company culture, and infrastructure.

Jay Marks was formerly VP of Management & Organizational Development for the Capital Group, one of the world’s most successful investment management firms. He worked with senior leaders on developing the leadership team, culture, and organizational structure, as the company grew from 600 to almost 10,000 employees over two decades. Recruiting, keeping, and developing strong employees is a challenge in any environment, let alone the current economy and competitive job market.

Learn more in this compelling webinar from Organizational Consultant Jay Marks and Highrise CEO Forrest Blake.

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