• Forrest Blake

Member Awards & Holiday Party

The following awards were presented to Highrise Members at the Annual Holiday Party.

Nathan Ackeret: Most Likely to Succeed

Bruce Stone: Best Dressed

Bruce Webb: Third Member of Highrise

Clay Bryan: Good Student

David Bolstad: Seventh Member of Highrise

Elliot Matloff: Most Generous

Erik Smithweiss: Most Punctual

Jonathan Jaech: Fifteenth Member of Highrise

Judy McKee: Most Spirited

Lee Kolodny: Attendance Award

Michael Spindler: Second Member of Highrise

Nathan Novak: Top Comedian

Pamela Palmer: Good Student

Paul Artelles: Class Clown

Rodney Stone: Best Storyteller

Todd Larson: Longest Drive

Grant Withers: Master Networker

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