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Nina Yablok


Nina doesn’t like to speak about herself in the third person. I’ve been an attorney for almost 43 years. I’m still doing it because I love it. My practice has focused on helping small to mid-sized privately owne dcompanies, start, grow, and function profitably.

I started my practice as a sole practitioner, and eventually hired a staff of paraprofessionals and anothe attorney. My employees loved it. I hated it. I now work alone, out of my home in Nemo, Texas, looking out my window at cows. I have satellite offices in Fort Worth and College Station, which I rarely visit.

Although I have always been a generalist, practicing in Silicon Valley until early 2016, I naturally got involved in a lot of intellectual property work. Over time my knowledge and experience with IP law increased.

Specifically, I have been involved in quite a few ASIC design and manufacturing situations which is not a space inhabited by many solo practitioners. The ultimate example of how this worked out is that I was called in to document a three-party transaction. It turned out that I had represented all three of the parties. I also handle IP and trade secret protection, Internet issues, licensing, and trademarks. I love helping companies that are “low tech” realize and capitalize on their previously undiscovered intellectual property.

I also represent companies from around the world, again because of the unique combination of my experience and being a solo practitioner. Taking a Slovenian client to have real Texas BBQ down in Lockhart was a hoot. Enjoying my clients’ company is one of the advantages of being able to pick and
choose with whom I work.

Interesting facts about me include: my first online client was a huge forum on CompuServe in the early 1990s; I drove a cab in New York City for extra money in while in law school; and the initials for the Law Office of Nina Yablok are LOONY. Just saying.

I am a very amateur gardener. My husband is an online journalist, and a serious amateur musician. We both like entertaining, fine dining, travel and laughter.

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